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Ride Sharing

4 empty seats
It seems wasteful that I drive myself and 4 empty seats across town each day.  In this post, guest writer Sean Gray explains the many benefits of Ride Sharing and demonstrates that it might even be possible to give up your car.  Sean knows only too well how much of our hard earned money is typically tied up in the cars we own, since his business offers cash for used vehicles.  It's money that I'm sure could be put to better use in our lives.  Foo.

Ride sharing is a great way to save money and the environment by living without a car. Wherever you go, there is a strong chance someone nearby will be able to help you get there, so riding with them and splitting the fuel money can save both of you money.

Aside from the cost of buying a car, fuel and insurance make cars expensive to keep. However, ride sharing allows you to split the cost of fuel with someone else only when you need a ride, and save all the other costs. If you typically drive a lot then the savings could be very significant.

Ride sharing is also a great way to save both time and the environment. Two people riding together who would otherwise drive separately cuts the emissions from the journey in half and helps reduce traffic congestion. There may also be benefits like a high occupancy vehicle lane which gives special priority to those who ride share.

Compensation for the driver should be agreed to before you start a program of ride sharing. As the passenger you should offer a few dollars for fuel, although how much will depend on the length of the trip and the cost of fuel. Some people may be willing to do it for just the additional time and the company.

Ride sharing is a great way to get to work. After all, you make the same journey everyday along with several other people. Ask around your office to find someone who lives near you. Talk to them about ride sharing and let them know you are prepared to cover some of the fuel. Commuting is often one of the biggest costs for car owners and having company on a long commute often makes it feel shorter!

It’s easier to ride share if you live in an area that is relatively well served by public transport then living without a car is great. You can use public transport when you need to get out, which is also generally cheaper than using a car. If you think you may still need a car occasionally then there are car sharing programs around from which you can rent a car for a couple of hours to run an errand.

Another popular type of ride sharing is called slugging. Slugging essentially is a way in which you can find rides. They're are certain areas where people go to pick up individuals to enjoy certain benefits, such as the carpool lane. Slugging is a new invention and it is only popular in a few states, although we should be seeing more of it in a short time.

Finding a place to ride share is easy. There are many ways an individual can go about doing this, the easiest being friends, and also the internet. If you talk to friends and none of them are going in the same direction as you, you should try online. Sites such as have a section for ride share, making hundreds of options available to you. All in all finding a person to carpool with is simple, and should be done more often.

Ride sharing is a great way to save money. Allowing you to sell your car and also live car free, reducing your expenses and still getting everywhere you need to be with the same flexibility through ride sharing.

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