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Part 2 Breakfast – The Kids Learn How to Budget While Having a Fun Day Out

We attempt to order a Sunday breakfast for only $5 per head.  This was perhaps a little too ambitious.

The invention of sliced bread was surely a profound milestone of last century.  Breakfast had certainly been made a little easier.  No longer did we need to risk the use of a sharp knife first thing in the morning.  But the perils of the electric toaster remain.  All those buttons and nobs needing to be accurately adjusted so that each member of the household can have their special variant of packaged bread toasted to a golden brown perfection.  Surely there must be an easier way.  And boiling an egg?  Forget it!  Eating out for breakfast is the new best thing since…well... you know.

Hardware St on a Sunday Morning
With hunger in our bellies and cash in our pockets we arrived in the centre of Melbourne and headed to Hardware St.  Down this red brick paved lane, closed to traffic, there are several options for a low cost hearty breakfast, even on a weekend.  Here we found Trim café where you can order eggs on toast with a coffee or tea for $6.  Substituting one coffee with hot chocolate unexpectedly, but quite rightly, added a little cost.  Our eldest boy was happy with simple baked beans on toast. With a 10% weekend surcharge slapped on the top, we are already starting to edge ourselves over the original $5 guideline for breakfast.  Still it’s early in the day yet and we’ll just have to make smarter choices for lunch and dinner.
Breakfast at Trim
$6 eggs and coffee at Trim

Tip:  Watch for the weekend surcharge of between 10% and 20% added to your bill at most cafes.

Breakfast cost us on average $6.25 each leaving $23.75 per person for all our remaining meals for the day.  Not a great start since I know we will want a decent meal come dinner time.

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Would our parents and grandparents have gone out for breakfast?  Is it the ultimate in laziness?  Are there better inventions than sliced bread?  And speaking of such things what ever happened to drawstring tea bags?  Please comment.



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