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Where’s the Brazilian Bean been?

Brazilian Bean $5 BreakfastAn entire journey around the Earth ends at my table in a coffee cup at The Brazilian Bean cafe in Collins St. Those who are the best at their craft have had a hand in making my coffee where ever they are in the world. Beginning in Brazil where the coffee beans are grown, the green beans are then roasted in Italy, before being imported into Australia, ground and brewed by the proficient barrister here at this cafe in Melbourne.

A small coffee at The Brazilian Bean is $3. Initially I'm drawn in from the footpath by the blackboard special of fruit toast and coffee for $5. However once at the counter the egg, bacon and spinach rolls ($5) seem to call out my name from under the glass. Since my frugal breakfast budget is $5 which must buy the food and the compulsory morning coffee I go with the original plan and order the fruit toast and coffee special for $5. My coffee loyalty card is stamped which sets a cunning frugal plan in motion. If I keep coming back to The Brazilian Bean for breakfast I will achieve the free coffee and order the egg, bacon and spinach roll while remaining within the $5 budget. Dare to dream people!

And I will keep coming back. The fruit toast is the kind I always seek, packed with figs, dates, apricots, seeds and so on. The Italian coffee goes down smooth against the crunchy seeded fruit toast. Looking straight down Market St from the dining room at The Brazilian Bean I can count the number of illegal turns made by drivers in and out of Collins St. Otherwise there are newspapers to read if counting cars some how does not excite you.

Cooked breakfasts at The Brazilian Bean such as eggs Benedict start at $9.50.

Criticism: Its possible that the landlord is more of a miser than even Foo. On winter mornings at 7:30am when I eat breaky, The Brazilian Bean cafe is intolerably cold. For this reason I favour this cafe in the warmer months only. There are cosier budget cafes nearby in winter such as Moat, Hydra and the Bee Hive.

The Brazilian Bean
440 Collins St, Melbourne.
Open Mon-Fri Breakfast and Lunch

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