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Camy Shanghai Dumpling House

Sometimes it's more fun to leave a place with a story to tell, than to have had a "normal" night out. Despite anything you've heard about Camy the dumplings are worth it. I get the feeling nothing else matters more than dumplings here. Sure there's no ambiance, shabby decor, gruff service and an unidentifiable odour in the air but the queues at the door speak for the immense popularity of this place. Die-easy would-be diners sometimes come no further than the front door before fleeing when spluttered at by an abrupt staff member attempting to match parties of diners to scarcely available seats. But when you're paying $4.50 for a plate of 10 steamed vegetable and mushroom dumplings, or 8 beef or port dumplings, it's worth ignoring all the quirks. Fried dumplings cost a little more, but I wouldn't want to eat these succulent little babies fried. Dumplings are one of those Chinese foods it's hard to stop eating. Are you done at the ninth? Tenth? Eleventh? Just order another plate full.

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Help yourself to hot tea and soy sauce from the alcove near the front door. Cutlery, chopsticks and chili sauce is available at the tables. Expect to be seated at tables with other diners and bring cash to pay.

Camy Shanghai Dumpling House
25 Tattersalls Lane(not to be confused with Shanghai Noodle and Dumpling House in the same lane)
Open 7 days for lunch and dinner.
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Iron Chef Shellie said...

This place is hilarious! The service always cracks me up, but the food is always so fast and cheap =)

12 January 2010 at 19:16

Foo said...

Hi Iron Chef Shellie. A sense of humour is a prerequisite for dining at Camy. It's great to hear about other peoples experiences with Camy. Thanks for sharing yours.

19 January 2010 at 09:52

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