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Subway Subs - Size doesn't matter after all.

Time now to tackle the big issues. The Subway 6 inch sub versus the 12 inch. This is a conspiracy I tell you. If man did not go to the moon, and if Princess Diana of Wales was murdered, then it's also no coincidence that the 6 inch Subway subs never seems to satisfy the hunger compelling you each lunch time toward the 12 inch option. Who buys the 6 inch anyway? It's a good sandwich for little children and super models I suppose. But you know if you eat only a 6 inch sub for lunch you'll be snacking by mid-afternoon. On the other hand, 12 inches of carbohydrate as a regular lunch seems surplus to dietary needs, and there's no way that one whole foot long bread roll is going to remain absolutely silent in your tummy all afternoon at the office while you attend to an executive round table or that important client power point presentation. It seems choosing the length of your Subway Sub is quite the conundrum...

Fortunately I have the answer. Firstly you must altogether resist the lure of fresh smelling bread from the glass door ovens just behind the counter (another clever part of the conspiracy). Then stand back and take a moment to read the menu board. You will discover that any of the 6 inch Subway subs can be made as a salad for around $1.50 extra. Basically they ditch the bread roll and put all the fillings in a bowl. It seems that you get much more filling this way but it should be said that I haven't actually measured the quantity of salad in anyway. For anyone on a low-carb diet avoiding the bread makes sense. In fact depending on the dressing you choose, you're reducing the carbohydrate by up to three quarters. Keep it healthy by sticking to the low fat fillings and dressings you would normally choose for a sub.

My personal favourite for value for money is the Veggie Delite as a Salad (don't forget the cheese which adds a little substance to any green salad) for around $5.25 at most Subways in Melbourne. Or if you must have a cow (ie eat meat) perhaps the Roast Beef sub as a salad for $6.45 will do the trick.

Subway sandwich outlets are located all around town. The Subway website doesn't list all of them. In this map I have marked Melbourne city Subway locations for the ones I have discovered so far.

View Subway Melbourne City Locations in a larger map



Anonymous said...

Subway bread doesn't even taste like bread. What do they do to it ?
Give me a quality deli any day ;-)

30 December 2009 at 09:50

Anonymous said...

When I'm reading Stormfront, I could be eating anything, and I wouldn't notice . . .

5 February 2010 at 18:49

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3 November 2011 at 12:24

Anonymous said...
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4 November 2011 at 10:43

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