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Equinox Cafe & Bar

It is said that you can stand an egg on it's end on the day of the equinox. The equinox is the moment in time twice yearly when the sun is directly over the equator resulting in one day of exactly 12 hours light and 12 hours dark no matter where you are on the globe. It is the earths mid point between tilting back and forth on its axis creating warm and cool seasons. Fascinating hey! So why name a bar "Equinox"? It doesn't even serve eggs. Equinox just seems to be one of those words you can use to name anything when you're stuck for a name for something. Gyms, car models, mining companies, you name it, "Equinox" can be used to make any thing sound more interesting.

Despite such an exciting name, Frugal Foo was drawn into the Equinox Cafe & Bar more by the specials board. Each day of the week has a different special for lunch and dinner. They range from $6.90 for a burger or Cesar salad on Monday, up to $10.90 for the rump stake on Thursday. On Saturday and Sunday you can have any pasta or green curry for only $7.90. My lunch visit was on a Tuesday and I had the Vegetable Pizza special for $6.90. Filling, but not worth more than $6.90 in my opinion. Lots of cheese and nice use of herbs but I could hardly identify much in the way of vegetable pieces. I shall return one day to try the rump which sounds like exceptional value.

Bravely, I did not order a drink at this city bar as I prefer no alcohol during business hours. As if my mind was read by the staff, a glass of cool water was forth coming without me even asking. Nice touch guys.

Happy hour is from 4pm to 10pm. $10 jugs of beer and $4 glasses of wine are on offer.

Oh and lastly, that egg story is a myth. You can stand an egg on it's end any time of the year with a little patience. The trick is settling the yolk.

Equinox Cafe and Bar
Open 7 days Lunch and Dinner
Corner Elizabeth St and Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

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