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Dontoo Japanese Food - Speedie Japanesie

My order is served and waiting for me on the counter before I can put the change in my pocket. It's that fast!. The curries here are hot (temperature) and ready to be served with rice in a flash. I had the Tofu curry for $5.80. It went down really well on this cold winter day in Melbourne. The serves are a decent size and I struggled to finish. Dishes with meat start at $6 and range up to $8.30 for a Bento Box.

One criticism; I found a piece of chicken in my Tofu Curry. To me this was a bit of a bonus but had I been vegetarian I'd have possibly turned a lighter shade of pale.

The Age Cheap Eats 2010

Dontoo (Don Don Too)
Open Mon - Fri lunch time only
330 - 332 Little Lonsdale St

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Anonymous said...

Yummy cheap food. Just wish I could always get a table.
Get there early is my tip
Great site FF

30 December 2009 at 09:49

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