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Meshiya Japanese Restaurant - "Linner" Anyone?

Possibly Homer Simpson has already discovered this otherwise hidden meal time. "Linner" as you would have guessed is half way between lunch and dinner. Some days eating lunch at the customary time just isn't possible. You're just too busy, or maybe not hungry, but for whatever reason it's mid afternoon and you still haven't eaten. "Linner" is the answer. And Meshiya has a mid afternoon "happy hour" deal which fits the bill.

Between 3:00pm and 4:30pm Meshiya serves up a selection of three main course dishes for only $6.80 each. On offer are two fried rice dishes one featuring eel and the other crab, or an ox-tongue noodle soup. I wasn't game to try the ox-tongue. Some things just aren't meant to go into my mouth thanks! I ordered the eel which for no rational reason seems more palatable.

Also of reasonable value and available on the menu at any time are selection of rice dishes and Ramen (noodles in broth). I have had the Oyoka Don (rice topped with chicken and egg) for $10.30 which was a decent feed.

Highlight: The dining room has a cosy feeling on a cold day in town as you sit slightly sunken below footpath level. It beats sitting in that awful QV Urban Market food court nearby. Prompt and friendly service.

Criticism: The eel on fried rice dish was a little oily for my liking. My fellow diners ordered the crab on fried rice and disagreed with my complaint saying they were quite happy and will come again. Bill splitting was discouraged.

Meshiya Japanese Restaurant
Open 7 Days 12:00pm until 11:00pm
QV Shopping Centre (Meshiya faces Lonsdale St at ground level)
200 Lonsdale St
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